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Dear Wabi Enthusiasts,

You may have noticed a bit more buzz on our social media channels lately and a new landing page up at www.wabicycles.com. There’s a lot going on at Wabi to be excited about, and it means great things for this avid community of cyclists.

First, we’d like to take a moment to introduce the two new faces at Wabi Cycles: Curtis Kline and Matt Gragg. Curtis and Matt are dedicated to making our incredible bikes accessible to more people and growing our community, all while preserving the integrity of Richard Snook’s custom, beautifully crafted fixed-gear/single speed bikes, and the new Lightning RE geared road bike.

Here are a few of the updates you should expect to see in 2016:

  • New Home To support growing demand, we’re moving assembly and manufacturing from Los Angeles to Curtis and Matt’s hometown of Tulsa. Of course, we will still ship everywhere and customize the same way we do now.
  • New Online Store To improve your Wabi browsing and purchasing experience, we’re building a new online store. You’ll be able to easily navigate through all of Wabi’s bikes, parts & accessories, and select sizing and options.
  • New Bike We’ll be adding a new bike to the Wabi family by the end of the year, and all we can say right now is that it will be a great multi-purpose fixed gear/single speed with wider tires and more clearance, designed for riding on multiple types of surfaces, and collaboratively designed with Richard.

Of course, exciting news cannot be complete without mention of Wabi’s creative visionary and founder, Richard Snook. Richard is looking forward to having some free time while continuing on as a design and technical consultant. “I’m glad to be passing the torch to Curtis and Matt, and I’m confident they will bring Wabi to new heights, preserving the high quality and customer service Wabi is known for. I’ve enjoyed my time with them and I encourage you all to get to know them as well.”

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have here. Stay up to date on Wabi happenings on Facebook and Instagram or sign up for our newsletter.

With gratitude for your ongoing support and excitement for the future,

The Wabi Cycles Team