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Free domestic shipping for orders over $100

Lightning RE Tech Specs


The design idea behind the RE is to be able to offer a top level, light weight steel framed road bike at a reasonable cost. In this day of $5K+ super bikes, the RE is a reasonably priced option. And you get the added benefit of the superior ride feel and durability of high end steel.

The Lightning SE fixed gear bike has been so well received and liked by riders that I decided to create a geared version. This is a bike with classic road racing design that allows high performance, but with all day comfort, and that feel that only comes from high quality steel.

The frame features the full Spirit tube set including rear stays, all hand tig welded, with a fillet brazed integrated seat binder assembly, braze on mount for the front derailleur and internal routing of the rear brake cable through the top tube. It's a closed system, a tube within a tube, so no problems with collecting moisture in the top tube (or fishing for loose cables).The fork is the same one I use on the SE, with carbon blades and aluminum crown and steerer. It perfectly complements the ride feel and aesthetics of the frame.




 Wabi Lightning RE Dimensions (in mm) and angles: