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Free domestic shipping for orders over $100

Wabi Special Custom

We've now made it much easier to customize a Wabi Special. If you want any help at all in spec'ing out your Wabi, please contact us.

For many cyclists, the ultimate bicycle starts with a high quality steel frame, using low temperature brazing and lugs to join the tubes. Lugged steel bike frames offer a road feel unlike any other design, but not all lugged steel frames are created equal. It's important to use high-end tubing with high quality lugs—investment cast being the standard—and most importantly, the correct building technique. The Wabi Special fixed gear uses a fully hand-brazed frame, built by specifically trained frame builders in Taiwan. The difference in the Wabi Special is that these builders are trained by one of the top hand-built frame builders from Japan. The workmanship (clean joints, mitering of the tubes, drop outs seamlessly integrated into the stays) is outstanding, and the resulting ride is buttery-smooth, with amazing stability.

  • Reynolds 725 double butted, heat treated tubing
  • Fully lugged, brazed construction for the ultimate ride
  • Lightweight, responsive wheels (1750g/set)
  • Total bike weight of 18.6 lbs (55cm size)
  • Road racing inspired frame design for a fast but comfortable ride
  • All frame sizes come with 700c wheels and flip-flop cogs by default
  • Can fit up to 32mm wide tires

Additional technical details about the Wabi Special can be found at this link: Special Tech Specs


Color/Graphic Choices - Choose from our two stock colors at no extra charge or go all out custom. Want your bike to match your favorite car or truck, represent your favorite sports team or business? The possibilities are endless and we will work directly with you on your design. Pricing shown and added in the options are approximate and may vary depending on specific details but we will work closely with you on your design and make sure there are no surprises along the way. If you select a custom design we will be in touch to discuss the details. 

Wheelset - The Standard is our light 32/32 spoke wheelset, Sub-15's are superlight at less than 1500 grams/set!

Tires - We have expanded our choices of available in-stock tires giving you more options. For our weight conscious cyclists we suggest checking out the Grand Bois 700x23C Extra Leger's. 

Brake Calipers - We are proud to offer Sram caliper upgrades in two models, Red and Force.  

        Sram Red   -      https://www.sram.com/sram/road/products/sram-red-brakeset   

        Sram Force -     https://www.sram.com/sram/road/products/sram-force-mechanical-brakeset                                                                                                                             

Crankarms - 95% of Wabi's are purchased with 170mm arms but we have additional options for you.

Chainring/Cog Size - Most find that for general purpose riding 46/18 is a great ratio for the 700C (49-61cm). 

Freewheels - The standard freewheel is great quality and what most riders need, the Deluxe version has 6 pawls (as opposed to the standard 3) and is designed for quicker, more positive engagement under high demand situations.

Bar Tape - The leather upgrade option will get you leather tape for drop or bullhorn bars (+$45) or leather grips (+$25) if you have selected straight bars. Lizard Skin DSP 2.5mm bar tape is available in too many colors to list so pick your color from here and let us know your choice in the comment section at checkout.

Omit Items - Have your own saddle, seatpost or don't want rear brakes? No problem - choose to omit them and save money.   


Still not enough? Click here to work with us to totally go crazy with your build!


Rider Height
4'10 - 5'4
5'4 - 5'7
5'7 - 5'10
5'10 - 6'1
6'1 - 6'3
6'3 - 6'6
Frame Size
Standover Height


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