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Free domestic shipping for orders over $100

Wabi Classic - Halberstadt

We love creating cool builds of our bikes, and this is one example. Inspired by photos of vintage bikes we've run across, this highly-customized one-of-a-kind Wabi Classic is powder coated and has a premium Brooks saddle, along with braided brake cable housings and moustache bars. Further options are available, so contact us if you'd like to discuss owning this unique bike!

The Wabi Classic features a hand built Reynolds 725 frame along with a superb component group. All bearings are sealed—a low maintenance relationship is guaranteed. Just keep air in the tires and a little lube on the chain. And ride.

  • Olive green powder coat
  • Brooks B67 leather saddle
  • Moustache bars with leather grips and bottom-mounted brake levers
  • Copper braided brake cable housings
  • Grand Bois 26mm Cerf tires
  • Eyelets for fenders and racks
  • 46T x 18T freewheel


Additional technical details about the Wabi Classic can be found at this link: Wabi Classic Tech Specs