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Free domestic shipping for orders over $100

    Headset parts and installation:

    Your Wabi frame will be supplied with the head tube cups and
    crown race already installed on the fork crown, and the star nut
    installed in the steerer tube.

    1. Be sure to orient the bearing cartridges correctly (see diagram to the right paying close attention to the direction of bevels).
    2. Be sure to seat the bearing race compression ring completely
    3. After installing all of the parts, and adding the spacers
    desired (above seal), install the stem onto the steerer tube. There should be approximately 3-5mm of stem visible above  the top of the steerer tube.
    4. Install the top cap and screw, using a 5mm hex wrench. Tighten the screw enough to eliminate any play between the frame and the fork, while still allowing the fork to turn freely and smoothly.

    If you need to cut the steerer tube to a shorter length, follow
    these steps:

    1. Assemble all parts up to and including the stem
    2. Mark the steerer tube at the top edge of the stem Note: if the star nut is already installed, you will either need to get a new one, or you can drive the existing one deeper into the steerer tube to the position it will need to be after the tube is cut
    3. Remove the fork and cut the steerer at a point 5mm below the mark you made.
    Measure twice, cut once.....
    4. Clean up any burrs from cutting the tube, and if necessary, install a new star nut. If you don't have the tools for this, it is strongly advised to have a professional  bike mechanic do it for you.
    5. Reassemble the fork, spacers and stem, and adjust as specified above.

    If you have any doubts about your ability to correctly perform the steps needed to 
    make sure the fork is installed correctly, please have this operation done by a professional bicycle mechanic.

    Wabi Cycles cannot take responsibility for the knowledge or skill level of any person who is not a Wabi Cycles employee that performs any mechanical service or operation on a Wabi Cycles product.

    As always, if you have any questions, please contact us!