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Photo by Celia Silk.

We did a little research, and it turns out you love Wabi as much as we do!

We built a beautiful Wabi Classic featuring a custom raw frame with clear-powder coating for Brian, and his feedback was overwhelming. 

What can I tell you? It’s simply beautiful. The frame is an artwork. While riding in downtown Durham today, I realized the headset needed tightening. So I stopped by Durham Cycles on 9th Street. They were kind enough to tighten the headset immediately. But the funny part was that all four mechanics stopped working (as did two sales people) to have a closer look at the bike. Nothing but smiles, head-nodding approvals, and nice comments: "That’s an elegant bike!" and "Wow, they just powder-coated the raw steel… that’s bold!"

I love everything about it. The frame is light and responsive, and very stable at every speed. I’m a former skier, so when the American Tobacco Trail is empty, as it was at dawn this morning, I like to slalom the dashed yellow centerline. That’s when I knew that I had a gem. While my aluminum-carbon road bike is twitchy at slower speeds, the Wabi feels like a set of parabolic skis on a groomer. Extraordinary.  

The wheels are great, with low turning moment, even with the 28s installed. And those 28s! I had no idea one didn’t need to feel every pebble and grain of sand. The SRAM Red brakes? Yes!

As for the 48 x 16 ratio… I climb every hill in my route with delightful effort. After just the first ride, I can feel what the single-speed is going to do for my conditioning.  

It’s exactly what I had hoped for. Thank you for your care, attention, and your effort: You’ve created a thing of beauty.

Thanks, Brian!

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to share your Wabi experiences. We’re flattered by your positive feedback, and we’d love to see more.

So if you love your Wabi, tag us in your post on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to be featured. Or send your photos and feedback to contact@wabicycles.com.

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