Our Story

We build incredible bikes.
Wabi was founded by fixed-gear expert Richard Snook who has been driven by one mission: to bring the absolute best riding experience to cyclists all over the world, and to share the passion for light, responsive road bikes.

We believe in elegant, efficient design.
In Japanese, Wabi means simple and functional, transcending fad or fashion. To us, the fixed gear bike is the epitome of this concept: a beautifully simple, elegant and efficient machine.

We value community and craft.
With your first Wabi, you’ll join a growing worldwide cycling community who appreciate the durability, responsiveness and craft of a well-made bike. From college campuses to urban commuters, and the hobbyists and racers in between, we hope everyone has the pleasure of experiencing a Wabi.

We put the rider first.
Wabi Cycles components are all custom designed with the rider in mind using the highest grade materials, and are assembled in Denver, Colorado. Our four main bikes are built to accommodate most riders’ preferences, and we will customize sizing to accommodate riders with specific needs. Bike components and accessories are available a la cart for enthusiasts who love to build and assemble their own.

Riders of all kinds - welcome to the Wabi community,