Wabi Cycles shipping information
Wabi bikes are not your everyday fixed/single speed
bikes that you find at the local bike shops.
My bikes are road racing bikes tweaked for fixed/single
speed riding, made for riding long distances quickly and
in comfort, and with a responsiveness that you only get
from a high end steel frame. And I don't mean 4130
What sets the Wabi fixed gear bikes apart from the
others out there is the use of lighter, higher quality
frame tubing (Reynolds 725 and Columbus Spirit, the
lightest steel tube set available), road racing (not track)
design, quality frame builds and light, responsive wheels.

What sets Wabi Cycles' business apart is the personalized
customer service. I'm happy to
help you with any of
your questions, about my bikes or about getting into
fixed gear riding. It's a scary thought for a lot of people,
but actually easy to master in a short time. And then the
fun begins!
But if you prefer the option to coast, the bikes can be set
up with a freewheel instead of, or in addition to the fixed
Speed Calculator
What chain ring and
rear cog combo is best
for you?
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How to pay for            
your bike by using it in
place of your car for
some or all of your
commuting and errands
pay for your bike
fixed gear speed calculator
The Wabi Cycles pricing philosophy
The Wabi Lightning RE geared road frame set
Custom frame builder quality in a Columbus Spirit
road frame. Click
here to see some close up shots.
Pedal options
I've brought in a few new pedal sets,
including a great urban platform
model, with pegs for extra grip. Built
like a BMX pedal, but not so wide, so
you don't have to worry about pedal
strikes in the corners. Also, there's a
new lightweight road racing set with
clips and straps. Click
here to see my
selection of pedals.
Why ride fixed?
For the technically inclined, here's an article written by
Jim Lee, a customer of mine, a few years ago, about
the advantages of fixed over freewheel. Enjoy the read!

Jim just sent the follow up
article (2007) if you want
even more data. Cheers

Also, here's a
link to Jim's site. Thanks Jim!