Please read this page for our inventory status and lead times on orders. This is as of June 15th, 2022.


Global supply chains are still reeling from the pandemic. This means it is very difficult to get new inventory in a timely manner from the factory and our suppliers. We are doing our best, but it means we can have inventory challenges across the board.

See below for upcoming availability. Dates below are our best guess given the fluctuation in manufacturing and shipping timing right now.


Classic Builds and Framesets

We are out of stock on almost all Classics, including 42cm, until Fall 2022. Note: the new Classics will be an updated design to accept narrower track cranksets along with new colors (to be announced later).

Special Builds and Framesets

We currently have very limited stock on frames and builds. The colors are Glacier Green, a medium metallic green, and Basalt Gray, a very dark blueish gray. 

The next shipment of Specials will be this late Summer  / early Fall and will be premium special editions only (more to come but no custom colors). After that, we are looking at 2023 for the next batch of our regular Specials. Glacier Green will come back at that time along with a new color.

Lightning Builds and Framesets

We have stock on most frames and builds.

The current colors are Pearl Black and Pearl White.

The next shipment of Lightnings will be this Summer and will be additional new colors.

Thunder Builds and Framesets

We currently have stock on 49, 52 and 58s (Desert Turqouise). 55s and more 58s will come in late Summer.

Colors are Desert Turquoise, a medium turquoise, and Smoky Topaz, a pearlized brown/amber color.

The next shipment after that won't be until late 2023 (ugh).


We have many wheels available for sale at this time.


Overall, we are offering what we can for individual sale. Otherwise, we are out of stock or holding inventory for future builds.


Bike Builds

We are looking at 2-3 weeks currently from the date of order.

Framesets and Wheels

It is usually 2- 4 business days turnaround time from time of order


Most components should ship within 1-2 business days. If it appears to be longer, we will try to update you on the expected ship date.