Please read this page for our inventory status and turnaround times on orders. This is as of the week of September 11th, 2023


  • Bike Builds: Up to 2 weeks**
  • Frames: Up to 1 week
  • Wheelsets: Up to 2 days
  • Components: 1 - 2 days (depending on time of day of order)

**As a reminder, we are a smaller team that carefully builds each bike to order from the frame up to meet customers individual specifications. This process takes longer than standard pre-built bikes in a box.


For all bike builds or framesets, if a certain size/color is not available in one place (build or frameset) but shows it available in the other place, contact us as we can move the inventory between builds and framesets (or vice versa).

Bike Builds and Framesets

  • Classic: Stock is low on certain colors and sizes. We will have more frames in November/December in the current colors of Cosmic Red and Alpine Gray as well as Midnight Blue, a dark blue.
  • Lightning: Most colors and sizes are in stock. We will have mores in Nove.
  • Specials: Very limited sizes and color available. Additional options may be available as imperfects in our garage. Next shipment will be in September/October. Colors are Titanium Gray, a titanium-hued silver, and Sapphire Blue, a bright metallic blue.
  • Thunders: Out of stock. Next shipment is in October/November. Colors are Gloss Black and Glass Gray, a green-tinted medium gray.

    Wheels and Components

    Most items are in stock and up-to-date. Certain Wabi components (handlebars, stems, chainrings, etc.) are limited due to backorder or very limited supply that must be reserved for builds.