Please read this page for our inventory status and lead times on orders. This is as of March 17th, 2023.


  • Classics: We are currently taking pre-orders on Classics. We will start shipping in early/mid April. Orders placed now will ship in late April/early May.
  • Lightning builds and frames in stock. Lead times are 1-2 weeks for builds and 2-3 days for frames.
  • Thunders builds and frames available in limited stock (55 and 58). Lead times are 1-2 weeks for builds and 2-3 days for frames. More sizes and colors in the Fall.
  • Specials builds and frames are available. Lead times are 1-2 weeks for builds and 2-3 days for frames.
  • Most other components are in stock and ship within 1-2 days.

NOTE: All custom colors will add 2-3 weeks to any of the lead times mentioned.


Global supply chains in the bike industry are STILL feeling the impact from the pandemic - especially in Taiwan where our frames are fabricated. This means it is very difficult to get new frame inventory and we are seeing incredibly long lead times. We are doing our best, but it means we can have inventory challenges.

See below for upcoming availability. Dates below are our best guess given the fluctuation in manufacturing and shipping timing right now.


Classic Builds and Framesets

We are currently awaiting the arrival of Classics. We expect them in early April. We are currently taking pre-orders for both builds and frames and expect to start shipping those orders in early/mid April. As of March 17th, we are backlogged until late April/early May for shipping for current build orders. Please be aware.

The next round of Classics will come in 4 colors (shown below):

  • Cosmic Red, a metallic red/burgundy
  • Rhodium Blue, a metallic blue
  • Bone White, a glossy off-white
  • Alpine Gray, a glossy medium gray

Custom colors are also available.

42cm frames will only come in Rhodium Blue, Bone White and custom colors.

Special Builds and Framesets

We currently have stock on Special builds and framesets. 

Lead times are 1-2 weeks for builds and 2-3 days for frames.

For the stock model, the colors will be Glacier Green and Sunburst Yellow. 

In addition, we will have a 'special edition' of the Specials with chrome lugs. We anticipate those arriving in early April. Colors will be a purple and dark gray. Pricing hasn't been fully set, but expect it to be 30-40% more than our stock frameset. There were also be limited supplies.

Lightning Builds and Framesets

We have stock on frames and builds. 

Leadtime is 1-2 weeks for builds and 2-3 days for framesets.

The current colors are Nitro Orange, a bright orange, and Crystal Grey, a dark pearlized gray.

We will have more colors in the Summer. TBD on the exact colors.

Thunder Builds and Framesets

We have stock on 55 and 58 frames.Colors are Desert Turquoise, a medium turquoise, and Smoky Topaz, a pearlized brown/amber color.

Lead times are 1-2 weeks for builds and 2-3 days for framesets.

The next shipment after that, with 49 and 52 frames, won't be until Fall 2023. We modification of the frame is that it will have removable cantilever posts. 


We have many wheels available for sale at this time.


Overall, we are offering what we can for individual sale. Otherwise, we are out of stock or holding inventory for future builds.