Wabi stands apart from other fixed gear/single speed bikes in several important ways, making our bikes a better value and better ride over time. 

Frame Design
Wabi frames are road-designed rather than track-designed (upright angles, short wheelbase), which means comfort, efficiency and predictable handling. Combined with high quality tubing, our road frame design is agile and fast. 

Frame Materials
We use a much higher quality grade of steel as our basic standard: Reynolds 725 double butted tubing. This means we use less of it, and you get a stronger, lighter, more responsive frame - most models come in under 18.5 lbs in a 55cm size frame.

Wheel Design
Our wheelsets are some of the lightest and most elegant around. Low-flange hubs and low profile rims deliver featherweight wheels - Our lightweights are only 1750 g/set and our Sub-15 wheelset is only 1475g/set.  

Quality Components
We source all of our components directly from highly-regarded Taiwanese manufacturers like Andel and Tektro as well as direct from the factories from the suppliers behind other brands that you already know and love. 

Clean Looks
Since most of our components come directly from the factories, we can get them without logos. This means you get a clean aesthetic on your build - just a subtle Wabi head tube logo. 

Customized Builds
We’re serious when we say that Wabi bikes are designed with the rider in mind. Achieve the absolute best fit and look for your needs: Choose different stem lengths, bar types and sizes, drivetrain setups, component colors, and more.

We build each bike and ship to about 90% assembled so customers just have to install a front wheel and re-attach the handlebars - and they are ready to roll. We make it easy.


For more info on building your own Wabi, contact us.