Wabi offers four models--the Classic, Special and Lightning and Thunder. The Thunder can also be set up for either Urban or Cross riding.

To start, all four models have almost the same hybrid / track geometry that we are known for. So, it really comes down to differences in the frame material, construction and small frame design variations. The component mixes for the builds are also similar with some premium options or upgrades available as stock on our higher-end models.

Let's review each one.

Classic - Our most popular model.

  • Made from Reynolds 725 tubing with TIG welding (butted) at the joints.
  • Takes up to 32mm tires (with brakes + Wabi wheels).
  • Has eyelets on the front (inside fork) and rear dropouts.
  • Note that the 42cm / 650c build can accommodate up to 28mm tires and does not have eyelets.



SpecialOur lugged frame model.

  • Made from Reynolds 725 tubing, but with lugs at the joints. Lugs provide a different aesthetic and, for many riders, provides a more supple ride.
  • Take up to 32mm tires (with brakes and Wabi wheels)
  • Given its more traditional frame design, does not include eyelets.



LightningOur lightest model.

  • Made from Columbus Spirit tubing with TIG welded (butted) joints construction.
  • Features a carbon fork that is painted to match the frame. 
  • Takes up to 28mm tires (with brakes and Wabi wheels).
  • Does not include eyelets.
  • Note that the Lightning can't be done in a custom color due to the carbon fork.



ThunderOur versatile model for wider tires and more racks and fender options for commuting / touring.

  • Made from Reynolds 725 tubing frame with TIG welding (butted) at the joints.
  • Take up to 44mm tires (with some customers having installed up to 50mm tires).
  • Uses cantilever brakes (given wider tires), but can take V-brakes or mini V-brakes also.
  • Has eyelets on the front and rear dropouts, fork blades and chain stays. 
  • Accommodates only wider profile cranksets, such as Wabi crankset, SRAM S-300, Sugino RD-2 and Andel Pro (with a spacer). Does not take narrower cranksets.