We offer lots of options and upgrades so here’s a guide to help you make decisions. This order aligns with the options and upgrade menu on our builds. You'll find the section title, options (with a link to the product on our store) and photos of some of the color options.

Looking for something unique? Contact us and we can usually get it.

Component / chain colors

You can choose the color scheme of your components and chain - black/black, silver/gold or silver/silver - throughout most of your bike, including:

  • Headset/washers
  • Stem
  • Handlebars
  • Brake calipers
  • Brake levers (where possible)
  • Cable clips
  • Seat post
  • Crank arms
  • Chain

However, some components are only stocked in certain colors, including:

  • Chainrings (black/silver)
  • Freewheels and fixed cogs (std. freewheels are typically gold, deluxe freewheels are black and all cogs are silver)
  • Small bolts - Bottle mounts, seat binder, etc. (typically silver)

However, these won't really change the look of your build.

Wabi Silver Components Example
Silver/gold build with standard lightweight wheelset.
Black components
Black/black build with standard lightweight wheelset.



This is probably the biggest decision for most customers as it impacts the feel, comfort and look of your build.

We offer 5 types of handlebars along with different brake configurations for certain bars. Want a more in-depth explanation of handlebars? Check out the video we collaborated on below


STANDARD DROP BAR - A popular option for road riding that allows multiple hand positions- on the tops, at the hoods and in the drops for better aerodynamics.

The brake options are either drop levers (recommended), the classic road bar brake which provides hoods for resting your hands and a comfortable position on the bike, or top mount brakes, the horizontal lever brakes at the straight bar. One drawback with top mounts is no easy resting place on the top of the drops.

drop bars hand position 1 drop bars hand position 2 drop bars hand position 3

Hand positions - Drop bars with drop levers

drop bars top mount hand 1 drop bar top mount hand 2 drop bars top mount hand 3

Hand positions - Drop bars with top mount levers


COMPACT DROP BAR - Similar to standard drop bars, they have a more compact design - shorter depth and shallower. They have a more modern look while requiring less reach to both the hoods and the drops.

The brake options are the same as the standard drop bar.

BULLHORN BAR - An alternative to drop bars that allows for a more aerodynamic, stretched out position like aero bars. 

The brake options are either top mount, the horizontal levers at the straight part of the bar, or bar ends, aero-type brake levers at the end of the bullhorns. We recommend the option based on where you'll be riding more often - on the straight bar or on the horns.

bullhorn bar with bar ends hand position 1 bullhorn bars with bar ends hand position 2 bullhorns with bar ends hand position 3

Hand positions - Bullhorn bars with bar end brakes

bullhorn bars with top mount brake hand 1 bullhorns with top brakes hand 2 bullhorns with top brakes hand 3

Hand positions - Bullhorn bars with top mount brakes


RISER BAR - A standard horizontal bar, with a vertical rise, similar to what you might find on cruisers, mountain bikes, etc. They offer one hand position and only accommodate top-mount brakes. These bars have a rise - of about 1" - so they ride higher for a more relaxed riding position.

riser bar hand 1 riser bar hand position


STRAIGHT BAR - A standard horizontal bar, with no rise, that offer one hand position and only accommodate top-mount brakes. The most minimal option from an aesthetic standpoint. 

straight bar hand 1 straight bar hand 2


Bar Tapes

Standard drop bars, compact bars and bullhorns will be offered with bar tape options. We can install them on risers or straight bars by request.

PADDED TAPE - Wabi's spongy, soft tape for comfort and durability.

wabi black padded tape 


LEATHER TAPE -Wabi's thin, authentic leather tape that provides a classic look and feel.

wabi honey leather tape wabi black leather tape


BROOKS CAMBIUM TAPE -  This is a synthetic tape that provides the comfort and durability of padded type with a more refined, classic aesthetic.

 brooks rubber tape black


FIZIK BONDCUSH TAPE - A performance tape that provides padding and a comfortable tacky surface for better grip. 

fizik bar tape
BROOKS LEATHER TAPE - A thin, authentic leather tape to match Brooks saddles.



These are the options and upgrades on straight and riser bars.

LIZARD SKIN RUBBER GRIPS - A stippled rubber grip similar to what you would find on a mountain bike, but more refined. The grips on the narrow riser bars are narrow (105mm) and come with flanges while the ones on the wider bars or straight bars are wider (120mm) and do not have flanges.

lizard skins black rubber grips 

Rubber grip for straight bars and wide risers (without flange); Rubber grip for narrow risers (with flange)


VO BASKET RUBBER GRIPS - A basket weave rubber grip that works well with our honey saddle. Note that is does have a more vintage look.

velo orange basket grip


LEATHER GRIPS - Wabi's smooth leather grip with silver trim that provides a classic look.

wabi leather grips black  honey leather grips


BROOKS RUBBER GRIPS - The best of both worlds - comfort and durability of rubber with a more refined look. Note: Brooks is changing to black with black trim so it may vary slightly from what is shown.

brooks rubber grip brooks natural grips
Black comfort grip; Natural comfort grip (with 2 colors/textures)


BROOKS LEATHER GRIPS - Wrapped leather grips that are made to match Brooks saddles.



Classic, Special and Lightning options include:

WABI LIGHTWEIGHTS - Our stock lightweight wheelset that has black rims and silver spokes/hubs to match any build.

wabi lightweight wheelset

WABI SUB 15s - Our ultra lightweight wheelset for those looking to reduce weight (over a half pound) as well as an all-silver or all-black wheelset.

wabi sub 15 silver

DT SWISS / H+ SON WHEELSET - A high-quality 20h/24h wheelset that combines strength, stiffness and lightweight. Recommended for those looking for a spoke-count all-silver or all-black with more durability and stiffness than the Sub 15s.

dt swiss Hplus son silverdt swiss hplus son black


DURA ACE / H+ SON TB14 WHEELSET - A high-performance set that provides a cool vintage feel with box rims in anodized gray.

Dura Ace TB 14 wheelset

PHIL WOOD / H+SON ARCHETYPE WHEELSET - A 32h/32h wheelset using a Phil Wood Classic hub. Recommended for those looking for the ultimate wheelset in durability and stiffness.

Phil Wood Archetype wheelset 


Thunder options include:

WABI STANDARD CX/URBAN WHEELSET - Our stock lightweight 32h/32h wheelset that has black rims and silver spokes/hubs to match any build.

cx urban wheel


VELOCITY A23 WHEELSET - A tubeless compatible 32h/32h option that features a black Velocity A23 rim, silver spokes and a silver Velocity (or Origin 8) hub. Recommended if you believe you want ride tubeless at some point.


VELOCITY QUILL WHEELSET - A wider rim, tubeless compatible 32h/32h option that features a black Velocity Quill rim, silver spokes and a silver Velocity (or Origin 8) hub. Recommended for off-road riding and a tubeless setup.



Pictures aren't included here given they don't really add much. Just note that some tires are tan or brown sidewalls when ordering.

KENDAS - Our stock tires are a solid option that provide a clean aesthetic.

PANARACER PROTITE - Provide 'Protite' flat protection, an enhanced tread and classic tan sidewalls. Great vintage look tire.

CONTINENTAL GATORSKINS - The best option for flat protection with the performance you'd expect from Continental.

CONTINENTAL 4-SEASONS A performance tire that works well in year-round temperatures.

CONTINENTAL GP 5000s - The highest end performance tire we offer. 

PANARACER GRAVEL SLICKS (Thunder only) - A high-quality versatile tore that works well on the roads and gravel. 

Panaracer Gravelking SKs (Thunder only) A high-quality cross tire that still rolls well well on the road.



WABI RACING - Our core saddle with a focus on performance. Comes in narrow (135mm) and wide (145mm) width.

wabi relaxed saddle black wabi honey relaxed saddle

WABI SPORTA more relaxed version of our race saddle with more padding. A good balance of performance and comfort.


Wabi Sport Saddle 
WABI COMFORT - Based on a road design, this is our most relaxed and padded option.
Wabi comfort saddle 


BROOKS B17 - The classic leather Brooks saddle. Gets better over time. Includes metal rivets 

brooks black b17brooks b17 honeyt

BROOKS C17 - This saddle bring the legendary Brooks fit, but in a more modern aesthetic and synthetic materials that hold up better under different weather conditions. It comes in a carved version, which has a pressure relief slot down the middle.

brooks c17

FIZIK SADDLES - We offer three different Fizik saddles - the Arione, Antares and Aliante, which are mainly differentiated by shape. W offer the mid-level option of these as a good performance/value option. for materials/construction. The Arione is the longest and flattest and geared toward racers. The Aliante is shorter and more curved for comfort, The Antares is in between.






WELLGO ROAD PLATFORMA basic silver/black cage pedal. 

Wellgo Road Platform

MKS SYLVAN TOURING PLATFORM - A high-quality cage platform from the well-regarded Japanese manufacturer. We are offering these as our standard platform for early 2021 given inventory issues with the Wellgos.

msk sylvan pedalsmks sylvan touring black

FYXATION GATES WITH WIDE STRAPS Wide composite pedal with fat straps. 


fyxation gate strap

MKS GR-9 WITH CLIPS/STRAPSClassic, lightweight clip style road pedal that has black or honey straps to complement our black or honey tape/saddle.


MKS Gr-9 pedals   

 WELLGO SPD - Solid 2-sided SPD pedal.

Wellgo Spd pedals

VP URBAN - Minimalist composite platform with a metal nodules for gripping and a reflector. This pedal is not strap compatible.

    vp urban pedal


    Crankset Upgrades

    ANDEL PRO - A high performing racing crankset is stiffer and lighter than our standard crankset. External bottom bracket can also allow addition of spacer so it is compatible with all of our frames. Silver crank offers an all-silver option for a silver component build.


    SUGINO RD2 - Beautifully made 48t, 3/32" crankset. Comes in silver crank and chain ring (popular for all-silver component builds).  Note that this is a 130 BCD crankset. Compatible with all of our builds.
    sugino rd2 crankset
    SUGINO RD2 MESSENGER - Similar to the RD2, but with a 46T, 1/8" disc chainring. Comes in silver or black.  Note that this is a 130 BCD crankset. Compatible with all of our builds.
    Sugino RD Messenger 
    SRAM S-300 A great track/courier combo with 48t chainring and a GXP bottom bracket. Comes in black. Note that this is a 130 BCD crankset.  Compatible with all of our builds.
    SRAM s-300 crankset
    MICHE ADVANCED PRIMATO - A high quality crankset from the Italian manufacturer that won't break the bank. 48t disc chainring. Comes in silver cranks or black cranks.
    miche advanced primatomiche advanced primato
    MICHE PISTARD 2.0 - A high quality track crankset with a 48t disc chainring. Includes Miche BB. Comes in silver or black crank.
    miche pistard 2.0miche pistard 2.0 silver
    SUGINO 75 - The highest-quality NJS-level track crank arm for the serious rider. Available in black. Sugino BBs and chainrings are also available.
    Sugino 75 crankset 

    Chain Upgrades

    See our article on choosing a chain for more reference.

    KMC K1 SL - Ultra lightweight chain that still performs well.
    KMC K1sl chain
    KMC HL1 - A half-link option for those looking for dialing in their chain tension or the look of a half-link chain.
    KMC H1 chain
    Izumi ECO - Solid value chain from the legendary Japanese chain maker. Same side plates as the highly regarded Super Toughness chain.
    Izumi Eco chain
    IZUMI V SUPER TOUGHNESS - The ultimate track chain. NJS certified for superior performance.
    Izumi Super Toughness chain
    IZUMI KAI SUPER TOUGHNESS  - Take the ultimate track chain and make it even faster.
    Izumi Kai chain

    Brake Caliper Upgrades

    SRAM FORCE - Lighter weight and improved stopping performance. Comes in gray.
    sram force brake
    SRAM RED - SRAM's top of the line option for weight and performance. Comes in black and silver. 
    sram red brake

    Seatpost Upgrades

    THOMSON ELITE SETBACK - An industry standard for a high quality, lightweight seatpost. Note this seatpost is a 16mm setback vs. our stock 24mm setback.
    THOMSON MASTERPIECE SETBACK - Take the Elite and make even lighter.  Note this seatpost is a 16mm setback vs. our stock 24mm setback.

    Cable Housing

    BRAIDED SILVER - Bright silver finish in a braided housing.

    BRAIDED TITANIUM - Bronze-like finish in a braided housing.