Wabi Compact Handlebar

Color: Black
Width: 420mm
Sale price$24.00


Our compact alloy handlebar provides a more contemporary drop bar look while still providing multiple hand positions - at the straight bar, at the hoods and in the drops - but with a shorter reach and shorter drop than traditional road bars.


    • Material: 6061 Aluminum
    • Clamp diameter: 26.0 mm
    • Drops diameter: 23.8mm
    • Width: 400 or 420mm
    • Reach: 76mm
    • Drop: 120mm
    • Approx. Weight: 320 g


    Finish may vary from polished to silver anodized depending on production batch.

    Handlebar sizing: Width is measured from bar end to bar end, center to center. Generally the width of the bar should allow your arms to be parallel when your hands are in the outermost position on the bar. Narrower bars allow more maneuverability in tight spaces, wider bars allow the chest to open up more for better breathing.

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