We know that some customers want a Wabi, but may not have the cash on hand (or want steep credit card charges) at the time of purchase.

That's why Wabi offers two financing options, Shop Pay or PayPal Credit, for those looking to finance their purchase. Both options are available at checkout and are relatively easy for approval and use.

Shop Pay

Chose 'Shop Pay' as a payment method at checkout and you can pay 0% APR with Installments over time as an option. Shop Pay is underwritten by Affirm so you will get the same rates and approvals. Unfortunately, this service may not be available for international customers.

PayPal Credit

Select 'Paypal' as a payment method at checkout and once you log in to your Paypal account you'll be offered the option to pay with Paypal Credit. 


Note: Both of these services are offered by third parties. Wabi has no input or say over approval, rates or payment options. We also do not have access to any of the information you share with either provider.