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Sub-15 700C Superlight Single Speed Wheelset
Sub-15 700C Superlight Single Speed Wheelset

Sub-15 700C Superlight Single Speed Wheelset

Wabi Sub-15 700C Superlight wheels are especially great for climbing or commuting where constant stops and starts amplify the awareness of rotating mass.

If you only ride a set constant speed, then wheel weight isn't much concern. However, in the real world, there is always a change in pace - terrain, wind, traffic or the random urge to just "go".

Reducing rotating weight greatly increases the responsiveness of your bike and are just all around more fun to ride - when you press on the pedal, the bike "jumps" forward with an eager liveliness that is addicting.

This wheelset features double wall, aero profile 7301 A Rim. With a combined weight of 1475g these hand built wheels have final tensioning, lateral and vertical truing and pre-stressing, done here at Wabi Cycles in Oklahoma. Wheels include rim strips, and a lock ring for a fixed cog. The rear hub is a flip-flop design, fixed threading on both sides allows the use of fixed or freewheel on either or both sides of the hub.

  • Superlight at 1475g/set (704g front, 771g rear)
  • Silky smooth sealed bearing hubs
  • Bolt on design is lighter than nuts and doesn't damage dropouts
  • True 410g rims- superlight and compliant for a great ride
  • 14/17 double butted stainless spokes (20 radial spokes front, 24 2-cross pattern rear)
  • Aluminum spoke nipples 
  • Hand finished truing and pre-stressing
  • Threading on both sides allows flip flop options
  • 100mm front, 120mm rear
  • 12.6mm ID 

 Need tires? Give us a call to add stock or custom order tires/tubes to your new wheelset. 

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A Wabi Cycles Customer
Stanford L.
United States

Best **** for your buck!

Love these wheels. You’re not going to find a better wheel at this price. Super light and durable, even for the worst streets of NYC

Liam B.
United States

great wheel set

This is my second set of these. Really light and strong. Excellent wheelset for the cost. I bought this set to put on a Nagasawa track bike that I converted to a single speed street bike.

A Wabi Cycles Customer
James M.
United States

Awesome Wheels

So, I'd been waffling on buying these for some time now. Glad I finally pulled the trigger. I've been riding them for about a month now. They are strong enough for sure. No flexing or instability to show at all. They are noticeably light and fast. So.much so, that my regular bike shop I go to in Washington DC noted their weight right off the bat while changing out freewheels. I torque these very hard and pretty much ride freewheels as if their fixed gear except down hill obviously. Climbing is done effortlessly with the Sub- 15's. The accelerate with little effort whether climbing or at a standstill. My only gripe with them is the usable width of the rims. They are narrow. While, after inquiring about maximum width of tires and Want answering with 32mm, eyeballing them with the new 25mm Continental Grand Prix's I put on them, I'd say that is about as large as you'd want to go and still have a decent aerodynamic profile. You might be okay with 28mm and with the better CCR (Rolling Resistance) of a 28mm over a 23 mm and 25mm, and thus cancel out any negative air pressure associated with the wider tire spoiling air and thus causing drag around the tire. What you'd gain however is lower tire air pressure and more air volume, this more comfort. And that in itself, can give you more speed through less effort fighting deflection and a gain in endurance over long or short rides through more of your strength and power being applied per stroke on the crank. I do wish they were wider at maybe 19mm, even if you gain another 100 grams. A better profile at 25mm and 28mm would pay huge dividends, as that 100 grams would easily be negated by a better overall aerodynamic foil that would be created. And that is still only a 1570gm wheelset if it would even be that much. It would likely be more like 1540g. The Sub-15 is really best suited, aero speaking, for a 23mm. But we now know they are just too slow comapred to 25mm and much more slow than a 28mm. So Wabi? Give us a Sub-15 at 19mm suitable for 28mm tires and you'd have the very best non carbon fiber road wheelset on the planet if not the best durable wheelset for the price. Especially for commuting, but certainly for racing as well.

A Wabi Cycles Customer
Daire L.
United States

Great Wheels

Excellent wheels - very light, super smooth rolling, and gorgeous. Love them!

Meg F.
United States

Awesome wheels

Wheels not in use yet - shipping them for use while abroad. I'm not sure I've ever had wheels that weighed so little. Awesome.