NOTE: We have disabled the Build Your Wabi pages given our low inventory on frames and components. However, we can still provide custom options. Just email us at with your specs and we can put a quote together for you.


You can now fully customize and order a Wabi just for you - from finding just the right handlebars and gearing to upgrading your wheels, saddles and more. Just find the Wabi model you want to customize below and start customizing.

Before you begin, keep a few things in mind:

  • There are a lot of options. If it’s overwhelming, check out our complete build pages here.
  • Check out our upgrade packages. Save an extra 10-15% off upgrades when you purchase a package.
  • We've also tried to simplify the process in a few ways - component color schemes, default size options and upgrades for tested/verified components.
  • Want things set up in a specific way? There is an additional comments box at the bottom to let us know. This might be for a special brake lever setup, spec'ing a mix of silver and black components or something else unique .
  • If you want a specific  customization or upgrade that is not available, contact us to get a custom quote. We're happy to help.

Please note that this is a beta test of this customized system. Let us know if you have any issues or concern.