Please read this page for our current order and inventory status. This is as of September 17th, 2021.


We are out of all bikes, frames and wheels at this point and have limited component availability. We don't have a firm date for restock given the production and transportation issues (delays and costs) in the industry right now.  Dates below are our best guess given the situation, but they are tentative. 



We are sold out of all of our inventory.

We have our next shipment ready in Taiwan, but we're waiting for a shipping opportunity with very limited capacity available as well as high costs. Colors will be Sable Green and a new lighter color, Cloud Gray, a cool light/medium gray. 

Tentative arrival date is November. Pre-orders will happen when bikes are 2-3 weeks out from delivery. Sign up on the Classic page for back in stock notifications.


We are sold out of our inventory (except one 60cm in the Garage).

We have our next batch in painting and are hoping to have the frames done by the end of the month with arrival toward the end of 2021 or early 2022. 


We are sold out of our inventory.

We will have more inventory in early 2022 at this point. We were hoping to have them earlier, but there are delays in production. Sign up on the Lightning page for back in stock notifications.


We are sold out of all of our inventory.

Out of stock until early 2022. Sign up on the Thunder page for back in stock notifications.


We are out of stock on Wabi wheels for individual sale. We do have other branded wheelset builds on our components page.


Overall, we are offering what we can for individual sale. Otherwise, we are out of stock or holding inventory for future builds.


Bike Builds

Given there are no builds, we don't have a lead times posted.


Most components should ship within 1-2 business days. If it appears to be longer, we will try to update you on the expected ship date.


We have re-enabled bike and parts sales on the website. Only exceptions are 60cm bikes and all sizes of Lighting builds. We'll also need an acknowledgement on duties/taxes and damage/warranty policy.