Measuring your inseam accurately is critical to ensuring that you have the proper clearance for the standover height on your bike. 

What you'll need: A good-sized book at least 12" tall and 1" thick, a pencil (or piece of tape) and a measuring tape. You can do this alone, but it may be easier to have someone assist you. 


  1. Stand barefoot or in socks on a hard surface with your back against a wall. See image below as reference.
  2. Place the book with the binding facing upward between your legs and pull it firmly under your groin. This should mimic how a bike saddle would feel as you are riding it.
  3. Make sure the end of the book is also pushed up against the wall at the same time.
  4. Mark the top of the book on the wall with a pencil or tape. This is where assistance may come in handy.
  5. Measure the distance from the floor to the mark or tape with a tape measure.

We recommend taking the measurement 3-4 times to be safe given the results can vary. You may also want to average the results for accuracy.