Brooks Cambium Slender 100mm Grips CLEARANCE

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Size: 100mm
Color: Black
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Elevate your cycling experience with the Brooks England Slender Grips Cambium Wrap. Renowned for their exceptional quality, Brooks England combines comfort, durability, and style in these handlebar grips, designed to provide a natural touch and superior control while cycling.

Constructed from the same organic cotton canvas used in the revered Cambium saddles, these grips offer a unique texture that moulds to your hands over time for a custom feel. The aluminium clamp allows easy installation and secure fit on any standard-sized handlebar, ensuring the grips remain firmly in place even during intense rides.

These slender grips are weather-resistant and provide long-lasting comfort, making them suitable for all types of cycling - from daily commuting to long-distance touring. Available in a range of colors to match any bike style, they are the perfect complement to your Cambium saddle, or a stylish upgrade to any ride.

Choose Brooks England Slender Grips Cambium Wrap for their ergonomic design, aesthetic appeal, and the iconic quality that has made Brooks England a beloved brand among cyclists worldwide.

  • Materials: Rubber, organic cotton
  • Style: Lock on 
  • Length: 100mm
  • Weight: 118g / pair

Includes small wrench for installation.

Note that these are 100mm. Ideal for narrower bars and/ior people with smaller hands.

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