Thomson Masterpiece Zero Setback Seatpost, 27.2MM, 330MM

Color: Black
Sale price$169.95


The Thomson Masterpiece Zero Seatpost really lives up to its name. It's tough, thanks to being made from a single piece of top-notch 7000 series aluminum, but it's also super light - we're talking just 199 grams for the 330mm version. The cool part? Its inside has this elliptical shape that makes it strong without being heavy. And you can adjust the tilt just how you like it, so you're always comfy on your ride. This seatpost isn't just about holding up your saddle; it's about stepping up your whole cycling game.

  • Diameter: 27.2 mm

  • Length: 330 mm

  • Offset (mm): 0 mm

  • Color: Silver or Black

  • Clamp Style: Standard Rails

  • Weight: 195 g

  • Material: Aluminum

  • Weight limit of 200 lbs or 91 kg


This size is compatible with all Wabi models. However, the setback on this seatpost is 8mm less than our stock seatpost. If you are installing into a Wabi, your saddle position will be slightly forward of your previous position when the saddle is centered in the rails. 

We offer this in the 330mm option to provide saddle height flexibility. If you are looking for the 240mm version as a component or part of a build, you can contact us about a special order.

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