Thomson SeatPost collar, 28.6mm

Color: Black
Sale price$31.95


Experience unparalleled strength and performance with the Thomson Seatpost Collar. Crafted from robust 7000 series alloy, it mirrors the excellence of their seat posts and stems. Its unique bolt, washer, and barrel nut design, renowned in the industry, ensures even clamping force. Enjoy maximum clamping efficiency at just 25-inch pounds of torque, thanks to the collar's strategic design: ideal bolt hole angle, height, and offset slot. Available in sleek black and classic silver, it's a perfect blend of Thomson durability and style.

Note: This is only compatible with the Wabi Lightning. All other models have an integrated seatpost collar/clamp.


Diameter: 28.6mm (for 27.2mm seatpost)

Height: 12.7mm

Weight: 25g

Recommended torque: 2.8Nm


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