Wabi Compact Drop Bar, 26mm

Color: Silver
Width: 420mm
Sale price$30.00


Our Wabi Compact Drop Bar gives you the benefit of drop bars, like multiple hand positions, in a more comfortable, compact design. Crafted of strong, lightweight 6061-T6 alloy, the bar has a 75mm reach and a 120mm drop, which we feel is a great balance of comfort and performance. Available in polished silver or polished black (at the visible straight bar portion)with no logos for a clean look.


    • Material: High-strength AL-6061-T6 Aluminum 
    • Clamp diameter: 26.0mm
    • Drops diameter: 23.8mm (compatible with std. drop levers)
    • Widths (ctc): 400mm; 420mm
    • Reach: 75mm
    • Drop: 120mm
    • Approx. Weight: 320 g


    Compact drop bars have several benefits for riders:

    • Traditional road bike look with a modern twist
    • Multiple hand positions for the most versatility for handlebars.
    • Compact design doesn't require as much reach to get aero in drops.
    • Flat bar levers and drop bar levers as options.

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