Wabi Replacement Wheel Bolts and Washers

Size: Wabi replacement bolts / washers, 6mm, Black/Silver
Sale price$10.00


One pair of Wabi wheelset replacement bolts and washers that come in either all silver or silver/black.

These are the bolts for the Wabi Lightweight, Wabi Sub-15 and Wabi CX/Urban wheelsets from the last 7 years.  They come in a silver bolt and silver washer or with a silver bolt and black washer.

  • 2x 6mm OD (outside diameter) bolts
  • 2x serrated washer
  • 2x metal wafer washers (for between the bolt and serrated washer).

These will not work with non-Wabi wheelsets that Wabi sells. Those will require bolts that are specific to that hub.


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