Wabi Sub-15 Superlight 700C Single Speed/Fixed Individual Wheels

Color: Black
Size: Front
Sale price$175.00


Our Wabi Sub-15 700C Superlight wheels are a great performance option for those looking for fast acceleration, easier climbing or just an all-silver or all-black wheelset to complement your build. These are for individual wheels. For sets, go here.

If you only ride a set constant speed, then wheel weight isn't much concern. However, in the real world, there is always a change in pace - terrain, wind, traffic or the random urge to just "go".

Reducing rotating weight greatly increases the responsiveness of your bike and are just all around more fun to ride - when you press on the pedal, the bike "jumps" forward with an eager liveliness that is addicting.

This wheelset features double wall, aero profile 7301 A Rim. With a combined weight of 1475g these hand built wheels have final tensioning, lateral and vertical truing and pre-stressing, done here at Wabi Cycles in Colorado. Wheels include rim strips, and a lock ring for a fixed cog. The rear hub is a flip-flop design, fixed threading on both sides allows the use of fixed or freewheel on either or both sides of the hub.

  • Super light at 1475g/set (704g front, 771g rear)
  • Silky smooth sealed bearing hubs
  • Bolt on design with a hollow axle is lighter than solid threaded axles and doesn't damage dropouts. This also makes the wheels quick release compatible. 
  • True 410g rims- super light and compliant for a great ride
  • 14/17 double butted stainless spokes (20 radial spokes front, 24 2-cross pattern rear)
  • Aluminum spoke nipples 
  • Hand finished truing and pre-stressing
  • Threading on both sides allows flip flop options
  • 100mm front, 120mm rear axle widths (OLD)
  • 12.6mm ID rim width
  • These wheels are rated for 225 pounds (including cargo). 
  • Given these are ultra-lightweight, low spoke count wheels, we recommend avoiding unnecessary stress - curb hops, bombing through potholes, etc. - if you want to avoid frequent trueing.
  • IMPORTANT: These wheels require rear dropouts that are at least 5mm thick. If they are less than 5mm (or just at 5mm), you'll need a chain tensioner to ensure the proper clamp. See our installation page for more info.
  • These wheels are only for 120mm rear dropout widths (OLD) and can't be used or adapted for wider dropout widths like 126mm.

See our installation page for guidance, including torque recommendations. Replacement wheel bearings also available. 

Need tires? Give us a call or send us a message to install tires and tubes on your new wheelset. 

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