White Industries DOS Double Freewheel, 3/32"

Size: Dos 17/19T
Color: Silver/Red
Sale price$146.35


White Industries offers the highest performance and quality freewheels. These are the double "DOS" freewheels for all types of riding. These only work with 3/32" chains.



White Industries started with freewheels and that's what they're best known for. Their reputation is based on high quality materials (chromium steel, nickel plating), precision engineering and the ability to rebuild their freewheels.

The DOS freewheel is a 3 pawl, 36 point engagement freewheel that will work for almost all riders. 

These are 3/32" freewheels only and will not fit 1/8" chains.

  • Threading: 1.37x24 tpi
  • 16/18t DOS:  Blue locking ring, accommodates 3/32 chain only
  • 17/19t, 20/22t DOS:  Red locking ring, accommodates 3/32 chain only

Recommended Tools:

Install/Remove: A standard 4 prong freewheel tool (Park Tool FR-6) or they recommend the White Industries Freewheel Tool.

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